Published Author

Published Author

A writer who has interviewed celebrities such as: Cedric The Entertainer, and Omar Tyree for entertainment news, and has a subscriber base of over 10,000 readers to her blog Tera Carissa Hodges first book UnApologetically Anointed, is now available via (Purchase Here)

UnApologetically Anointed includes everyday wisdom for living extracted from taking an indepth look at Bible characters, David and Saul and the conflicts that arise for David living as an up and coming king in another man’s kingdom.

A professional writer since the age of 16 when her first news article made the front page of her hometowns paper, Tera believes that writing is a powerful form of outreach.

When I consider that we have the Bible today because of what people wrote centuries ago, I am reminded of the power of writing. Its more powerful than a sermon on a cassette tape, because cassette tape players are no longer readily found. Its more powerful than a VHS tape, because again VCRs are no longer readily found. And, as the media changes, soon DVD players will no longer be found. But, books, and manuscripts, despite their format, will never go out of style.

Another inspirational book where Tera shares her wisdom is: Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama by Sophia Nelson. Published by BenBella Books|October 20, 2012 it is available at major book store chains nationwide. Other inspirational public figures included are: First Lady Michelle Obama, Jacque Reid, Soledad O’brien, Roland Martin, Corey Booker, and more .

Black Woman Redefined was inspired in part by what Nelson calls “open season on accomplished black women”: from Don Imus’s name-calling of black female basketball players in 2007 and a 2009 Yale University study titled “Marriage Eludes High-Achieving Black Women,” to the more recent revelation that First Lady Michelle Obama is concerned about being painted as an “angry, black woman.”

In Black Woman Redefined, Nelson sets out to change this cultural perception, taking readers on a no-holds-barred journey into the hearts and minds of accomplished black women to reveal truths, tribulations, and insights like never before.

This groundbreaking book provides black women of a new generation with essential career and life-coaching advice. Based on never-before-done research on college-educated, career-driven black women, Nelson offers her fellow “sisters”—and those who know, love, and work with them—a feel-good volume for personal and professional success that empowers them without tearing others down.