Life Now Coaching

With live, interactive, private calls each week, Life Now Coaching is the highlight of Tera Carissa's week, as it gives her the opportunity to dialogue and answer questions directly from women seeking to heal and thrive in their purpose. From fellow ministers, actors, athletes, business women, television personalities, and more, Tera Carissa is honored to teach and connect.

“It's no mystery that life can be hard. The Bible says many are the afflications of the righteous” -PSALMS 34:19

Join us, as Tera Carissa parallels your life's journey with Biblical characters such as: Eve, Ruth, Naomi, Esther, King David, and even Jesus to show you how personalized pain always corresponds with God's purpose for you.

“If you are trying to live right, you will have an opponent, and any time you have an opponent, you must have a coach. Some things can't be preached. They have to be taught. Jesus was a teacher, and as His disciple, it is my honor to teach women how to find the purpose in their pain, as He has shown me.”